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These Cell Phone Power Antenna Booster is a Passive device Designed to capture stray radiation in the body of the phone and to re-radiate the signal to improve the phones performance.

Which in return results in generating stronger signal strength and up to 30% better voice clarity all while reducing harm full radiation and pre longing your battery life.

Here is what happens - If there is no signal at all it wont miraculously give you reception, but if you have little reception like dropping out when you walk through the house or property or throughout the town etc. Then it will boost your reception and clarity up to 30% stronger by directing the signal of your phones antenna to the Copper Designed Antenna then out the top of your phone drawing all EMF's out the top of the phone giving you less radiation to the ear and preventing most drop outs.

We sell these for cost price at only $5.00 ea which yes also includes FREE AUSTRALIA-WIDE DELIVERY. This is a bargain price for all our loyalty customers to take home and test them to notice the difference for themselves. Even if it doesn't work on your property it might work in the elevator or down at the local pub, so dont give up if it doesnt to as you say, lol.

We have had many Great Comments flooding through from our customers, so far saying that they are very happy with the outcome of the product and the full support given.

Some of our customers have even suggested that they would of been happy to pay the Full Price of $19.95 each for the boosters. But many more were glad to get theres at half price with the bonus free shiping. This half price offer wont last to long with supplies running low, so make sure you grab your new cell phone booster at half price today.




The boosters are proven to work, Tested by Dick Smith electronics for both radiation level difference & the ability of the copper conductor to reduce static and drop outs.




Myself personally how i started this business from scratch was i was sick of having bad reception at my local pub Benowa tavern on the Gold Coast and in the pokie room you could not get any reception at all, this is like most pubs as i was not the only one.

So searching on the net for a resolution to my problem, i came across what's called a cell phone booster.

I Payed full retail for 1 cell phone booster from a USA seller, cost me bout $22.00 with shipping, i waited three weeks and it finally arrived, by that time i had forgot that i even ordered it.

After installing the booster in the right position on the back of the phone facing the antenna as described in manual on back of packet.

It was just a waiting game for me as i to did not see anything straight away or it was hard to notice if the booster was working.

So i soon forgot i even had it in my phone.

2 weeks later on the usual pokie wednesday i was sitting in the pokie room playing, when all the sudden my phone starting ringing.

All the sudden everyone around me on all the pokies were just staring at me like i had done something wrong? (least 15 pub strangers just staring at me.)

i stood up from the pokie machine & continued on talking on the phone just looking back at these people wondering what's wrong? as i was still oblivious!.
Off the phone shortly after one person jumped out and said how did you do that! how do you get reception in here - nobody can!

By this time everyone in the room was surrounding me with there ears open.

I then spoke out loud and told them the story how i recently brought and installed a cell phone booster into to my phone to try and resolve the problem in here and it works!!.

We have now sold over 250,000 Mobile Boosters from www.CellPhoneBoosters.com.au over the last 4yrs and have had very much positive feedback.